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Port Orange’s Vibrant Art and Music Scene

Art and music probably aren’t the first things that pop into your mind when you think about Port Orange, FL. Still you’d be surprised at the impact they both have on the city. You can notice the diversity and creative spirit all around the city. Here are some of the most important things you should know when visiting!

The most recognizable art community is a non-profit organization the ArtHaus. It promotes arts education both for children and adults, offering many classes and workshops. It also serves as a platform for local artists to showcase their work.

You can find and enjoy public art installations all over the city, from murals and sculptures in parks to painted utility boxes. These installations present the city’s history, natural beauty, and community spirit in a unique and beautiful way.

Keep in mind how Port Orange’s art scene isn’t limited to the city only. Many locals collaborate with the broader Volusia County art communities. There are galleries and studios like Bruneau Art & Frame Gallery that showcase works by artists from the city and broader county area. These spaces host events like artist talks, and different cultural events. They are often organized with neighboring cities like Daytona Beach. These collaborations are great opportunities for local artists to engage with a wider audience.

For music fans, one of the most famous events in Port Orange, FL, is The Lakeside Jazz Festival. This festival happens every year usually in April and it is one of the most famous events in Port Orange, FL. It brings together jazz enthusiasts, students, and professional musicians from all walks of life. The festival celebrates jazz music in all its forms. It’s great to see famous jazz artists play alongside local high school and college jazz bands. To conclude, Port Orange’s art and music scene is a reflection of its creativity, inclusivity, and passion. No matter who you are, this city will amaze you and welcome you with open arms. The best local roofing company in Port Orange, FL, Marathon Roofing & Contracting brought you this article.

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