About Us

Proudly Helping People With Their Top Level Roofing Projects.

About Us

Last year, third generation Floridian, Matt Criswell, the President/Owner of one of Central Florida’s most well-respected commercial roofing companies, WeatherShield Roofing Group, felt he had a calling to serve his community in a parallel way. He was tired of getting the calls from friends and family about other residential roofers not doing what they were paid to do and making a bad name for upstanding companies. WeatherShield had been successful for 25+ years, thus Marathon Roofing and Contracting, Inc. was created.

Unbeknownst to most, Marathon describes a lot about the company in one word. MRC is Matt’s births initials, Marathon is a place his family has enjoyed for countless years, and going to the distance is what he wanted to establish in the company he was embarking in creating.

With the mission of making a greater impact on the communities and families around him, Matt built this company to demonstrate how roofing can and should be done. He believes that any business is a family business if you treat everyone like family. When it comes to roofing, putting family first means seeing a house not just as a building that needs a roof or as a dollar amount to sell, but as a home that needs to be protected in order for a family to thrive. We want our business to thrive, just as we want our employees to thrive, just as we want your family to thrive, just as we want our communities to thrive. They are all intertwined and that is why we treat everyone like family. We serve you above the rest, so that everyone is uplifted.

We will treat you like family by demonstrating our value and serving you with honesty, integrity and respect. We will deliver quality work, on time and on the agreed budget. From your first encounter with us, to the time spent under your quality roof, we will work hard to make sure you feel well served and 100% satisfied.

Our friendly, professional and dedicated team is led by Wes Turner and Justin LaFavers, both who have impeccable track records in residential roofing. Both born and raised right here in Central Florida, they know the toughness of the sunshine and the toll it takes on the roofs and crews. They ability to work in such harsh conditions, proves "When Quality Matters, We Go the Extra Mile".